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Summer 2020

COVID 19 UPDATE - June 5, 2020


Dear Kids, Art and Nature Families, 


After an intense amount of deliberation and soul searching, we have decided that we cannot hold camp this year. As you can imagine, this has been an incredibly sad decision for us to make.


We have always seen our summer classes as a time for us to do an important part of our life's work, our contribution to try to heal the world through building community, sharing stories, nourishing children’s spirits through art-making and connecting them with the woods. This is exactly the medicine our kids and our communities as a whole are needing right now.


Yet, we feel that with the restrictions in the recently published state guidelines, the diminished experience for students due to the completely necessary health precautions, coupled with the very real potential financial risks for us and health risks for both our students and for us, collectively outweigh our ability to provide this service which has always been a joy.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are truly heartbroken about this difficult decision, but we look forward to next summer, in the hope that the world will return to a healthier state on all levels, and we will once again be able to join with your children, making art and exploring the beauty, and healing power of nature.


With deepest gratitude,

- Deborah & Lahri

Due to Covid 19 Summer 2020 
classes are cancelled


NEW Older Kids Class

Our usual age range for camp is between 5 -10-years-old. Since so many of the kids who we have enjoyed in classes over the years have grown beyond this age span, this summer we are offering one class for 11 to 14-year-olds. This is a class for kids who are wanting a bit more serious focus on art, and to be able to spend a more concentrated time honing skills and exploring techniques and materials.

Partial Scholarships are available, information can be found on the bottom of the Registration page.


For over 25 years Deborah Bazer and Lahri Bond have been teaching art classes to children and adults in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. Our week-long, themed, summer art programs have combined the joy of making of art in a focused classroom setting, with the pleasure of creating art, telling stories and playing in some very beautiful woods, parks and other outdoor locations.


Storytelling is a very important part of all our classes. It enriches the class themes, inspires the art, feeds the mind and nourishes the spirit.


Class Size

Our classes are limited to between 10-12 children, in line with our philosophy of keeping classes small for more individualized attention. This does mean early registration is advisable. We are also offering opportunities for young art assistants. More information can be found on the Registration page

Gift  Certificates!

Give a child you love the gift of time to nourish their creativity and to explore the woods this coming summer. Beautifully illustrated gift certificates for our week-long summer sessions are available now and can be purchased on the Registration page. Gift certificate holders receive priority class choice if they register before March 1, 2020.


Come and join us this summer for art making, storytelling, noncompetitive games and fun on the beautiful Hampshire College campus.

All classes take place at the Art Barn on the Hampshire College Campus, Amherst, MA

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